Posted On 11.28.2014
Forever 21 White Tee and rings, Pink Manila sleepless nights, WWW quilted bag, Tonic Logan,

This was not supposed to be the intended outfit I had in mind, I was just about to go out of the house when I realize how humid it is out there as per my brother. I was supposed to wear a jacket and don some strappy heels but then again, laziness creep-ed in and in a  few minutes, I was in flats and removed the necklace I wanted to pair with my shoes. Hence, the result. Yes, I know it's a bit too casual, but this love and hate relationship with the weather sometimes get the best out me leaving me to just throw the most comfortable pieces that I have in my closet for me to wear on this kind of day. Just to add a bit of an interest to the whole, I chose this sleepless nights shorts from Pink Manila which has become one of my trusted item at hand. 


Posted On 11.26.2014

Remember my blog post about visiting an art gallery to get an inspiration in doing a fashion editorail shoot?. This is my take on that. I love playing with monochromatic feel as it usually gives off a mysterious and serious kind of tone to the whole photo. 

Happy Wednesday!


Posted On 11.24.2014
H&M blue button down, River Island Amelie skinny jeans, Topshop slipons, Penshoppe sunnies

The idea was to make the outfit a bit relaxed and somewhat sporty, the reason why I paired it with  the slip ons. I wish I can get my hands on the black one post-Christmas shopping that I am planning. (plus that MNG white sneakers I've been eyeing for days now)
This could have been another normal ensemble if not for the textured pants that I got from River Island. It brought a new twist to the whole button down-jeans-slip ons combo. Way more cooler than an ordinary blue jeans.


Posted On 11.21.2014

The most awaited designer collab with H&M has finally arrived in the Philippines together simultaneously throughout the world. Alexander Wang x HM. Everyone's been talking about this gig  for a few months now. If you have seen the twitter or instagram feed #AlexanderWangxHM, you will get a hint of how people are stoked to get their hands on Wang's pieces. I, too have been waiting for this also and though I had just came from a beach trip and was still in the process of regaining my strength and sanity from all the crazy partying and booze from a 5-day vacay, I had to push by butt of to wake up early and go to Mega Fashion Hall in Mega Mall to get me myself a piece.

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