Posted On 12.23.2014

What happened behind the camera were not all glitz and glamour. Waking up early, preparing all the clothes to be shot, executing and doing hairstyle and make up, finding a decent and appropriate spot to shoot that would go cohesive with the outfits and feel of the editorial, running errands, accommodating the mdodels, discussing what needs to be done to be able to produce what we have visualized is such a surreal experience. Plus, dont forget the mishaps, challenges, issues that arised while and during the moment of shoot is nerve racking yet memorable at the same time.


I'd like to thank the team behind this awesome project. Angelica, our multi-talented designer/photographer/make up artist. Acee and Grace for putting up an A game from the start to finish of the shoot, my brother, Aaron who made the temporary oriental art happen, Yuki and Mark for assisting, and of course, our models Ian Batherson and Jen Abella. None of this would have happen if it wasn't for you guys!

Im looking forward to work with these people in the future.
Kudos to the team! xx


Posted On 12.21.2014

Got no time to shop at the mall and on a budget?. Why not try buying from online stores?. I've been checking Zalora for the past few days and Im sharing you my version of  holiday gift guide (all under 1k)  for the ladies in your life; mom, sister, cousin, bestie, colleague, professor, yoga teacher, class mate, org mate, sorority sister whoever is dear to you. :)

Happy Shopping! xx


Posted On 12.18.2014
Photos not mine 

Creating a magazine out of nothing is really a challenge. That's what we're up to for our SoFA Fashion styling Finals. Together with Photography students, we need to come up with project that is based on the following criteria:

Draw inspiration and research for:

1. Photographer (international and local) We choose Annie Leibovitz for her prowess in capturing the intimacy and simplicity of her subjects.
2. Film Glass Menagerie (our take away from this movie is breaking out of your comfort zone)
3. Underground Magazine, Encens (A french online magazine where you can find lots of inspiring and simple yet interesting editorials) The site is under construction though
4. Art Japanese + Neon colors

The team came up with a TRANSFORMATION/ CHANGE/ METAMORPHOSIS kind of topic. A particular quote where we started off is "Some of us reinvent ourselves, some more than others". This became the subject of the whole magazine thing. Planning, researching, coming up with a strategy and how to execute the whole concept WAS NOT AN EASY TASK.

We were given just about 2 weeks to prepare. To book models, do pulls for designers (thankfully we attended the FIP Graduation show where we were able to get the designers' contact numbers), hunt for a cheap but decent studio, shop in Divisoria for accessories and fabrics that we need for the whole shoot. It required investment in time, effort of course even money as we will shoulder all the expenses.

Above photos were some of the moodboard and pegs used in creating our baby.

More posts coming up that's related to this topic, so stay tuned!


Posted On 12.17.2014
Folded and Hung white quilted bomber jacket, Payless shoe source sling back heels, Landmark structured pants and sling bag, SM Dept store lace top

Remember my previous post with almost the exact items on my outfit? (here). With just a change in shoes and the way you hold your bag, it would make a big difference on how the ensemble will look as a whole. I'd love to invest in pieces that are multi-functional. The ones that you offers a variety of options. It's like you have a another piece but clearly, it's still the same old stuff. Take this cue from this sling bag that I got from Landmark for a reasonable price. You can either use it as a sling bag or a clutch, like the one I did on this post. 

Do you also have some items that are multi-functional?. spill! :)